Group 4 Holdings is as an international conglomerate which oversees successful businesses that have been operating for the past 50 years. We operate companies in a variety of different sectors across the globe. Our main focus is in the financial, construction, automobile, hospitality, retail, logistics and real estate sectors across East Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Originating from East Africa, the first generation capitalised on their home markets, and the second generation expanded out to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The current footprint is predominantly international and plans are to leverage our experience, knowledge and influence to meet the demands of growing world markets. Group 4 Holdings is a pool of great brains and ideas, which has reigned over the textile, automobile, construction, real estate, hospitality and shipping industries for the past 50 years, with the vision to continue their business operations in the years to come.


At Group 4 Holdings, our mission is to combine or philosophical values to enhance client experience and invigorate corporate growth. We work with reputable companies globally, and proudly believe in the strong traditions of respect and hospitality that have passed on through the generations. It is our aim to continue sustainable corporate growth whilst enhancing our business presence globally.


To sustain our growth we have established a certain philosophy that we integrate into our daily practices:


Working with governments and reputable organisations across the globe.


Strong commitment to CSR and establishing business to benefit the impoverished communities in the world.


Always delivering the best quality product and services, the customer is always our number one priority.


Enriching the lives of our customers, whilst caring for our staff like our own family.