AfriSmart International.

  • Part of AfriScan International.
  • British and Tanzanian owned Dar Es Salaam based company with clients throughout Tanzania.
  • Specialises in installation and operation of electrical smart metering systems and allocation of water, gas and electric utilities for apartments, housing complexes, commercial buildings and residential houses in Tanzania.
  • Partners with Selcom to provide a country-wide payment system (including over 1,000 pay-points in Dar Es Salaam alone).
  • Has secured private finance to supply and implement Smart Utility Metering and management for Tanzanias public utility services.
  • Provides a full range of products and services able to deliver transparent and manageable systems that ensure payments are made while allowing secure remote disconnection of utilities where necessary (for example due to non-payment of bill).

Why Choose Smart Meters?

  • Outsource collection of payments for electricity and other fixed charges from tenants who will receive tax invoices from the Selcom pay-points.
  • Most of the buildings with a smart metering system have a shop or building manager with a Selcom pay-point, although any of the 1,000+ Selcom pay-points in Dar can be used.
  • Guarantee collection of payments through prepaid electrical smart meters ensuring positive cash flow for the property owner due to pre-payment from all tenants.
  • Electricity cost is preset in the system and can be adjusted to accommodate increased energy costs from generators.
  • Payment system can also accommodate additional property related non-metered fixed payments, eg. service fees, water, etc.

How it Works?


  • AfriSmart will install smart meters on your premises.
  • We transfer funds to you on a monthly basis minus our fee.
  • The system goes ‘live’ as your tenants move in.
  • The meter will be automatically credited when your tenants recharge and no additional numbers/cards will be required to complete the transaction.
  • Electricity can be purchased at bulk rates from Tanesco or other power supply companies by you.

Convenient For Property Owners

  • Elimination of the allocation of time and resources for the collection of funds for electricity bills, ie. no cash handling involved for either your staff or ours.
  • You can incorporate increased energy prices immediately into the system and include other fixed payments to be sure your clients will make payment.
  • Energy cost can be adjusted when needed (power rationing or individually increase cost for either Luku or diesel).
  • You will receive a punctual money transfer from us on a monthly basis.

Convenient For Tenants

  • Recharge via Tigo-Pesa or Vodacom M-Pesa and receive an SMS confirmation of payment.
  • Pay electricity bills in thousands of dukas, supermarkets, petrol stations and even via mobile money services.

Convenient For Everyone

  • Monitor power consumption and check credit status of smart meter online to ensure sensible usage.
  • Receive warning SMS messages from AfriSmart when preset minimum units (either 50 or 100) are left on the meter, ie. when units are low.
  • Meters are programmed not to switch off between 6pm and 8am so as not to leave tenants out of power at a time when it may be more difficult to access a shop to purchase credit.

We have designed our system so it is possible for tenants, property owners and AfriSmart to monitor the power consumption of individual apartments and shops.The system is online and can be remotely queried to obtain real time data on the income stream and actual power consumption.

Paypoints & Meter Installation

Selcom Pay-points

  • Selcom is an independent payment system company servicing a growing number of Tanzania companies.
  • Selcom has an extensive and growing pay-point network, with over 1,000 pay-points in Dar Es Salaam and more than 2,000 throughout Tanzania.
  • Tigo-Pesa, Vodacom M-Pesa and Airtel Money services are currently on board with Airtel and Zantel.
  • Barclays online banking is now available and more banks to follow with this development.

This all helps to make buying credit easier for the end user/tenants.

Meter Installation

  • Smart meters are equipped with a SIM card linked to a local telecom provider.
  • The meters are in live communication with AfriSmarts system, sending us a variety of data.
  • The meters are automatically loaded with credits through our system when clients purchase them at Selcom pay-points or mobile money services.